Permanent Device

8 Attachable sensors

8 Smart Connectors (Error Proof)

8 Magnet Alignment Installation

Heavy and Fixable Bottom Set

HMI Friendly Touch

Power Supply Safety Switch

2 HDMI and 3 USB Media Connector

1 Strong locker

Cool Environment for IPC.

Scanner Input Available

Scanner Query SQL Server Available

Wifi/Cable/4G available

Stable for Operator

Help Operator Run Everything Better

Subscription Proposal:

Decvice Price:(USD) 6,883.50

12 months:1,878.00


Decvice Price:(USD)  6,883.50

24 months:3,130.50

Total : 10,014.00

Decvice Price:(USD)  6,883.50

36 months:3,963.00

Total : 10,846.00