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Cosen Saws and Mechalogix are proud to bring you the latest in AI manufacturing technology; CPC SawLogix™. Cosen's Predictive Computing is specifically designed to help industrial saw owners and operators retrieve game changing data which can make their sawing operations more efficient and cost effective. CPC generates health and usage reports, preventative maintenance reminders, and real time updates on cutting job.
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Cut Costs
Increase Efficiency

Mechalogix allows your band saw equipment to increase up time significantly. It shows the progress of the cutting process of the blade speed, feed, and tracking data to provide the user with the optimum input parameters. Also, by providing the overall health status of the machine components, downtime is decreased by 33% due to active preventative maintenance.

Mechalogix is able to reduce labor cost up to 30%. Typically, overall productivity is negatively impacted by inadequate manpower and the lack of experience. Mechalogix provides a low cost method to help optimize the output & profit margins data analysis for better decision making.

Mechalogix, working in conjunction with the Q-Cut QR Code Reader package enables the HMI to easily and accurately input all cutting jobs. Mechalogix sensors and computer technology can synchronize with any workflow to output useful data for analysis.

Cloud Based

The Mechalogix cloud allows data bridging and professional interface customization.

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User Friendly

All Mechalogix touchscreens and dashboards are designed with the user in mind. Making it easy to navigate and find the data you need. 


  • Optimize utilization

  • Anticipate the cause of machine downtime

  • Automatic reporting service

  • PM reminders

  • Blade failure tracking

  • Extract maximum usage from a saw blade

  • Real time alarm notification

  • Overall KPI review

  • Cost per cut analysis

  • Access info on the go with the SawLogix app

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*Dashboard is compatible on Android and IOS devices.


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Each Mechalogix unit comes with a standard list of features that focuses on a certain aspect of you machines functionality and records data during the saw's run time.


Mechalogix also offers a select number of optional features which can be added to your subscription based on need.

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